OGAF 9 Certification

TOGAF 9 Certification Salary

Candidates with a TOGAF 9 certification are destined to gain unlimited benefits. TOGAF 9 certified architects are high in demand by the IT sector. Additional skills such as “learning the language” of the TOGAF 9

Candidates with a TOGAF 9 certification are destined to gain unlimited benefits. TOGAF 9 certified architects are high in demand by the IT sector. Additional skills such as “learning the language” of the TOGAF 9 places candidates at the top of the EA and IT sector. A large group of businesses have now begun to adopt the TOGAF standard. Which means it is now a must for candidates to be TOGAF 9 certified to apply for architectural jobs. A TOGAF 9 certified professional on an average earns approximately 73,000 pounds.

Below are mentioned 5 TOGAF 9 certification professionals salary:

  1. ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT: An enterprise architect is responsible for the smooth functioning of a company’s software and hardware department. An enterprise architect overlooks, maintains and resolves the functions and problems of the IT network. The main function of an enterprise architect is to plan and foresee business operations. An EA must explicitly show a business how current architecture obstructs their progress and help in implementing new architecture to achieve desired goals. An enterprise architect easily earns $141,606 annually in any reputable business or company. The extraordinary skills of an EA are well appreciated and put to good use for the betterment of the business.
  1. SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT: A solution architect in an organisation or business is responsible for integrating information to achieve the desired goals. A solution architect handles technical problems, provides updates to stakeholders, guides and supervises the development teams and most of all staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. Being a solution architect requires technical handling and problem-solving. These technical issues must be conveyed to the rest of the organisation in simple terms by the solution architect. This also requires the solution architect to be diverse in leadership and organisational skills. The average salary of a solution architect starts from $145007 per year.
  1. SENIOR SOFTWARE ARCHITECT: As the name suggests, a senior software architect creates a base or architectural blueprint for the development team to follow. A senior software architect meets and discusses various software requirements with stakeholders for producing high-level product specification and designing their documents. The development team is to report and consult with the senior software architect to assess the progress of the product. The senior software architect is solely in charge of the product development process, schedules and deadlines. Testing the final product is one of the main requirements to ensure that the product is completely functional. A senior software architect earns approximately $144,250 per year.
  1. ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT DIRECTOR: An enterprise architect director has multiple roles to play and many responsibilities to handle. An enterprise architect director must hold the knowledge of both technical and business aspects of an organisation. They must be able to integrate this knowledge in a manner that supports the business activities, strategy and planning. An enterprise architect director is involved in the process of the architecture’s evolution, performance and development. An enterprise architect director is solely responsible for the conception and execution of business ideas that help achieve the desired goals. An enterprise architect director approximately earns $155,211 a year.
  1. SOFTWARE ARCHITECT: A software architect is the soul of a business and plays an important role. A software architect is to lead a team of engineers who follow detailed instructions in order to create a final product. Software architects are known to design unique software from scratch, while also making high-level tense decisions about the final product. Software architects are constantly working to provide solutions, meet requirements and deadlines and consult the stakeholders for software requirements. They are required to code and/or design software for troubleshooting, ensuring that the team is functioning smoothly and ready to meet deadlines. A software architect earns nearly $139,720 per year.


Being a TOGAF 9 Certification professional comes with an instant salary raise and an exceptional set of skills. TOGAF 9 certified individuals are required to solve complex problems and construct architecture suitable for various businesses. They are well appreciated in their respected fields and most IT companies readily hire TOGAF 9 certified professionals. A salary hike is incentive enough to gain the TOGAF certification, but the skills acquired during this certification cannot be matched by other professionals.

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