What are the popular recruitment techniques used to hire talented candidates?

There might be created some new vacancy in your organization, or some existing employee might have retired or resigned from the post. Whatever be it, you do need to hire great employees. To achieve this

There might be created some new vacancy in your organization, or some existing employee might have retired or resigned from the post. Whatever be it, you do need to hire great employees. To achieve this goal, you will need a well-developed recruitment strategy. 

Evolving recruitment techniques

It is evolving at a fast pace. The internet has undoubtedly changed this landscape and how recruitment is conducted. ‘New media’ is favoured by most companies across the globe to attract ideal candidates. However, there are also followed traditional methods of recruiting candidates. Mixing them is sure to favour the majority. Those who lack the resources or time can consult the best- recruiting agencies in the domain to fulfil their recruitment process. 

Internal recruitment

Internal recruitment is preferred for various reasons. It can be affordable when compared to external advertising or using agencies. It is possible to find candidates through employee references. You just need to publish an ad on your company message board or intranet. Create a policy to promote regular internal recruitment. It helps develop a powerful progression path exclusively for your employees. It will be beneficial to boost staff morale, retain them and keep them motivated constantly. External hiring can assure amazing progression opportunities. Successful planning is possible with internal recruitment. Present leaders may not be there forever. Hence, selected existing employees can be developed to become future leaders. 

External advertising

You can come across diverse options and opt for new methods. Companies do require external ads at times, especially when the business growing. 

Print advertising

It is still in vogue. There are still circulated magazines and journals that are sector-specific. This traditional recruitment technique can help reach a well-defined job seeker segment. 

Web ads

Online ad strength is growing very fast and is predicted to overtake TV ads very soon. There are several recruitment sites where putting your advertisement seeking candidates can be an easy task. You can get results at a low cost and also enjoy greater reach. Job seekers may use Google for identifying specific job types. Publishing an ad requires just a few clicks and posting on the text. Also, put up vacancy ads on your own company site. 

Social media platforms

There are different social media platforms that allow the posting of job vacancies. These sites allow HR managers and recruiters to find potential candidates. This is possible through shared discussion topics, shared connections, etc. Job seekers can contact you effortlessly and quickly. LinkedIn is fast becoming a favourite hiring tool in the corporate sector. Proper and regular social media activity from your side is sure to enhance your employer’s brand. Candidates can get to know better your organizational culture. This, in turn, helps attract the best candidates. Social media can also be used to screen candidates, and evaluate their suitability depending on their posted online content. 

Talent search

Online recruitment is fast getting popular among organizations. This has helped enhance talent search and is a wonderful alternative to using job ads. There are several well-established recruitment sites that hold candidates’ CVs in thousands in their databases. Use relevant keywords to identify potential candidates. Also present pitfalls. Hence, the entire process may consume a good amount of time. Some CVs might not be updated. 

Hire recruitment agencies

Fortunately, there are several reputed recruitment companies in Dubai which do offer specialised and focused talent search services. They have created a large database from which they can provide potential job seekers to match your specific requirements. They also have the necessary recruitment experience and skills, something your in-house team might not possess. They also will have easy access to a huge network of ready to join candidates. Although they do cost some money for rendering their services, it is worth the try as they are the very best in the domain and can offer quicker results. But make sure that the recruiter understands well your domain and has proper contacts to provide good talents. 

Know the external recruitment techniques

This method allows you to evaluate an in-depth pool of highly talented candidates who might suit the vacant positions. The top recruitment techniques used are: 

  • Internal recruitment techniques
  • Printed publications
  • Online recruitment techniques 
  • Hiring a reliable recruitment agency

Hiring recruitment agency

Almost all organizations, be it small or big and belonging to any domain is mostly dependent on the external recruitment process. There have mushroomed several agencies that assure to provide the best talents who can fit perfectly the vacant positions created in your organization. You just need to specify the details of your recruitments and they will do the rest. They do have a large database involving both skilled and unskilled candidates. They also possess the necessary experience to identify workers who can fit perfectly your domain. They are also well-trained, and knowledgeable and make use of the latest resources available to make their candidate search easy and precise. The agency does cost some money. This means it is possible to run the business until experts identify the next best recruit. 

Job boards

Most recruitment agencies and employers can be found to pay job boards like Totaljobs or Indeed to host job ads. Job seekers in thousands register for such online platforms. The platform is likely to match skilled candidates suitable for the job post. This will be based upon several factors like salary, job type and location. Relevant keywords should be used to alert the candidates through email. The job board is also used to ‘headhunt’ candidates. Search for relevant CV databases to get a precise match. 

Attend different career events

You can conduct campus interviews at the different universities and colleges across the country. You may consider hiring stalls at different career events to engage in offline conversations with like-minded students. Discuss with them. State what your company is about as well as why candidates should find it a fabulous place to work. 

But then for many organizations, getting the right candidate might not be an easy task. It also involves putting in lots of time, dedication and the right efforts. Hence, this job is better left to the best recruitment agencies who can identify and push good candidates to suit the job profile.