Ganesha Idols

What Should You Consider When Purchasing Ganesha Idols as  Gift?

Well, are you pondering about buying adorable yet charmingly artistic Ganesha Idols from any place? Well, then you need to be a little considerate. The point is there are so many options that you might

Well, are you pondering about buying adorable yet charmingly artistic Ganesha Idols from any place? Well, then you need to be a little considerate. The point is there are so many options that you might get confused.  

Talking about Ganesha, this is the Hindu god of auspicious early stages, and he gets worshipped in 32 various incarnations, Ganpati murtis have been represented in various of these forms in India. Lord Ganesha adopted diverse shapes, God saves His worshippers from many different evils and bad happenings. You would be surprised to know that most people do keep Ganesha at home. you must know that the Ganpati picture or idol having the deity seated or even standing is the most well-known. Other types of Ganpati, such as the dancing variety, are often placed for aesthetic reasons. Moreover, some Ganapati photographs are challenging to come by, like the ones in which the deity’s trunk is straight or even raised in the air. Lord Ganesh having a modak in hand is a common type of Idol or image.   For your information, In south India, the deity is even known as Player or Vinayagar. During the time of Ganesh Chaturthi, diverse types of states in southern India worship Vinayagar statues and even idols. This festival takes place for ten days in Maharashtra. People decorate Ganpati Bappa pictures and even worship Ganesh idols or even statues at home. The ceremonies come to a close or end with the idol being even submerged in the sea.

When you feel that you need some sort of pooja items for your home like Ganesha idols then you must have some important things in mind.  in this post you would know about certain things that you should know:

Select the Ganesha Idol having His Trunk towards the Left Side

It is always better if you purchase the idol having the trunk towards the left. It is considered that Ganesha with his trunk towards the left might be pleased very easily and with a normal type of puja and little offerings. But, in case you have selected the idol having his trunk towards the right then you must tell the recipient that the idol needs special pujas and more attention to stay satisfied and content. Of course, you can find any and every type of Ganesha idol but it is always better to be a little more considerate about what you are choosing.

The point is when you are choosing a Ganpati statue and idol for your home, you must pay attention to the trunk’s posture. As per the Vastu, the Ganesha idol’s trunk must be tended to the left, and this is something that indicates success as well as happiness. The Ganesh statue or even idol having the trunk slanted to the right is considered to indicate a difficult-to-please attitude.

Sitting and Standing Idols 

You know what though the Ganesha idols in both the standing and sitting posture are somewhat considered to be fine for office and home, the dancing type of posture of the Lord, known as the Natraj Ganesha or even the Nritya Ganesha idols are normally not preferred mainly in the puja rooms. The dancing posture might be the ideal choice in case a recipient is an innovative person. Of course, you can find different types of Ganesha idols in the sitting and standing postures that work for you.

Remember that the artistic Representation of Ganesha is apt for Home Décor but Not for Worshipping:- Lord Ganesha tending on a pillow, or even playing table, or lying down on a banana leaf are somewhat some examples. These artistic idols might get used as gift items and as home decors. But, just keep in mind that these idols are not for keeping in your puja rooms as these are somewhat not meant to worship. Of course, once you know what exactly you want and in which area, you can be confident about the right idol. You can always find different Ganesha idols in different postures as per the specific need.

Remember that if you are buying the Ganesh idol for worshipping, the Maximum Height of the Idol must be eighteen Inches:- You can easily buy the Ganesha idol of any sort of size of your choice case it is bought to be used as home décor. But remember, when the idol is selected for offering prayers and even for the puja room, then it is suggested not to choose the product with more than 18 inches in height. In the puja rooms, the idols should always be kept on an elevated type of platform.

Never buy any sort of Broken Idol

It is wise that you always get the piece that works for you and should be in the best shape. As the ultimate piece of suggestion, never purchase or keep any sort of broken Ganesha idol for your home. Broken or damaged idols are; going to only invite bad luck to your home. Such idols should be immersed in water bodies if there is any sort in the home. the point is even when you are checking out different types of idols, make sure that you get the one that is intact. Of course, you cannot simply take a risk with any type of idol you purchase. What is the point if you spend through your nose for a really luxurious and beautiful Ganesha idol and then you find that it has some sort of crack or something? Come on, be sure that you do not go for it.


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