How to Pick the Right Type of Wood for Your Interiors Design

Depending on the interior design you want; you need to select wood that will match. check the appearance, durability, workability etc.

Seeking to replace some old doors or install a new floor? Picking the right wood interiors will make a big difference when it comes to your interior design. Here is a list of factors you should consider:

Type of wood

Depending on your design requirements, you will have to choose between hardwood or softwood. You can use both hard and softwood for everything from structural to decorative purposes. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly wood, you might consider softwoods, but if you are flexible on the price, hardwood would be the best for durability. No matter your choice, both these kinds of wood add a touch of beauty and innate nature to your home.


You don’t want to colour-clash your wood interiors with the already existing furniture or your home color code. You can choose from a shiny appearance to dark colors. Both these features are signs of high quality. If you are looking to combine different colors to bring an organized and structured décor, you can also do so.


Opt for wood interiors that last the longest – high-quality wood is remarkably durable. Such wood should be resistant to climatic changes, pests such as termites, as well as fungal attacks. Usually, pressure-treated wood is more resistant to insect and decay compared to untreated timber.

Water permeability

Will water spills destroy your interior wood designs? Whether you are replacing the floor, furniture or cabinets, water permeability of the wood should be zero. If the wood has a higher water permeability, it will absorb moisture, resulting in fast decay. You want to clean your wooden floor without worrying about harming it, so consider water permeability as it determines the longevity of the timber.


 A workable wood is smooth to machines, nails, and glue. It also has excellent turning, carving, and bending properties. It can retain the carved shapes and designs without degrading for years. Wood with high resin content tends to be highly workable and will avoid clogging of saw or any other tool. To make your installation work easy, consider picking highly viable timber, and your interior design will be set within hours.


Will the wood be able to withstand structural loads? The timber of your choice should endure heavyweight, shocks, and vibration without changing its shape. You don’t want your wooden bookshelf to crumble down because the wood cannot withstand the pressure. An elastic wood will provide better dimensional stability and resistance to distortion. When changing your wood interiors, knowing about the different types of woods and their characteristics can help you make a more informed decision.