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Wondering how blue ray glasses work? Here’s your answer!

Blue-ray glasses are great for your eye’s health. But how do they work? What makes them fight against the ill-effects of blue light? Also, does a pair of anti-glare glasses work the same way? Or

Blue-ray glasses are great for your eye’s health. But how do they work? What makes them fight against the ill-effects of blue light? Also, does a pair of anti-glare glasses work the same way? Or are these two kinds different? 

This article here brings you the answers to all these questions and to feed your curiosity about blue ray glasses. 

How do blue-ray glasses work?

Recall your science classes at school to remember that light is electromagnetic radiation. These radiations have a certain wavelength and energy. The whole range of light that the human eye can see is called the visible light spectrum. And on one end of this spectrum lies the blue light which has the shortest wavelength and the highest energy. 

It’s this high energy that we need to stay away from. The reason being that our eyes are not capable of filtering out this high energy. So, when it hits the cells of our cornea and then the retina, blue light damages them to the core. This damage can not only cause eye strains, dry eyes, watery eyes, headaches, and hazy vision. It can also lead to diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration sooner in your life. 

Not only that, blue light also hampers our sleep by stopping the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone. This event occurs because blue light resembles daylight for the body and it does not produce melatonin thinking it’s not sleeping time yet. Thus, ruining our sleep cycle as well.

Now, you know how we get exposed to blue light. It’s through addictive digital devices. Laptops, smartphones, televisions, and tablets, have become a big part of our lives. Our day starts with them and ends with them. Whether it’s work or entertainment in the form of a show or game, everything happens on these devices. Recall how many times you pick your phone to scroll through social media without any reason. While social media has its own cons on our mind, looking through screens to feed this addiction is even worse.

Blue-ray glasses made with X-blue lenses are a boon for us. They block blue light from digital devices and artificial lights enough so that we never have to worry about our eye’s health with them on.

What’s the difference between blue ray glasses and anti-glare glasses?

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Anti-glare or anti-reflective glasses are certainly not the same as blue-ray glasses. The major reason being they only block the glare or the reflection, not the blue light.

Since a big cause of glare is blue light, you don’t really need special anti-glare glasses if you use blue ray glasses already. 

The other difference is in how they are created. Most anti-glare glasses have a coating on the lenses. Blue-ray glasses, on the other hand, are mostly made with X-blue lenses to ensure complete protection from the bad effects of blue light.

Lastly, Anti-glare glasses help improve the clarity of vision. If light gets reflected and enters your eyes, there is not enough clarity. With no reflections happening, all of visible light can enter your eyes for a clearer vision.


Blue-ray glasses work by blocking blue light, a harmful part of visible light. That’s the reason they are also called blue-blocking glasses. These are quite different from anti-glare glasses. While anti-glare glasses only prevent the glare from screens, blue ray glasses prevent both. 

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