floral Rangoli

8 floral Rangoli art popular in India

Rangoli designs are meant to be beautiful and elegant. But when it is about floral rangoli designs, the art sprang up to a different level of expertise. Flowers are just the best creation by nature,

Rangoli designs are meant to be beautiful and elegant. But when it is about floral rangoli designs, the art sprang up to a different level of expertise.

floral Rangoli

Flowers are just the best creation by nature, but it is equally difficult to be made into a rangoli design. But there are a few patterns that are followed in a basic floral rangoli design. 

Rose Rangoli designs

Rose must be the most hyped flower when it is about fragrance, but it is equally elegant as a rangoli design option. 

Rose Rangoli designs

The drawn patterns of every rose flower fold, bringing out the best in any rangoli design. A must-have for romantic occasions, like weddings or anniversaries.  That demands a beautiful rose rangoli design. 

Lotus rangoli designs

The name floral rangoli designs goes appropriately with these forms of art patterns. The Rangoli designs need to have atleast one engraved lotus flower in it. 

Lotus rangoli designs

The beautiful nation flower delivers an aesthetic idea of floral rangoli designs with its presentation.

Floral Chukki rangoli designs

Chukki is entirely a different form of rangoli design. But in this particular art, the chaky design is artistically combined with floral rangoli designs. 

 Chukki rangoli designs

A daily must for mundane rituals or events that need minimalistic Decoration. 

Floral wave rangoli designs

Yes, this looks like a wavy pattern. The reason behind calling this is floral wave rangoli design, is the location of the art. 

 wave rangoli designs

These designs are made around the base of another rangoli design that is surrounded by these floral wave rangoli designs.

Floral Diya

These sort of rangoli designs are commonly asked for during diwali function or any sort of Hindu rituals. These have a small lamp called ‘Pradip’ or diya that is made out of mud, or steel.


The Associated rangoli design  is covered with real flower petals and granules. That encompasses the entire rangoli design. 

Flower Garden Rangoli designs

If something needs to have plenty of colours and scaping arts, then this is just the right rangoli design option. Drawn out like a bouquet or garden that has multiple flowers placed side by side. 

Undoubtedly beautiful and elegant. Can add a few articles that are associated with flowers, like butterfly or flower attached insects. 

Geometric floral art

Something like this is really very common in Indian households. These floral rangoli designs are elaborately made in the form of a particular shape. 

Geometric art

Mostly triangular, or asymmetric in shape, that lapses like a floral petal. The Rangoli design is more likely to look like a kite than a flower bed.

Ombre floral art

Ombre is the type of art that is not only fascinating with the pattern but also with matching scapes of colour combination. 

Ombre art

The Rangoli design is mainly made out of basic rangoli sands. That is exceptionally beautiful in colour and obviously has a shimmering scape of floral rangolis designs. 

These were all the fabulous ideas about floral rangoli designs. They are not only beautiful but also can be endeavoured at almost every occasion.

Rangoli designs at Weddings, receptions, Rituals and obviously for the commencement of anything holy in Hinduism. There are thousands of rangoli designs that can be made into wonderful arts.