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How to Hire a Skilled Node js Developers in Budget?

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that is used to develop applications that run on the client-side and server-side. The main benefits that Node JS developers have are the code can be reused as many times

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that is used to develop applications that run on the client-side and server-side. The main benefits that Node JS developers have are the code can be reused as many times they want and lacks the context switching concept. Are you planning to hire Node JS developers for your project? Well, let us look at what Node JS is all about:

It allows developers to build a real-time application with improved scalability and performance. It is a new technology that had dominated many communities in the market like Ruby on Rails and Django. Node JS development is easier as it has powerful libraries and uses the same language on both server-de and client-side. There will be new challenges when you plan to hire a node JS developer for your business projects. 

Some common challenges faced are:

  • As there are tons of programming languages in the market, the developer needs to understand your requirements. There are chances that the developer might not know the proper programming paradigm that can affect your project. 
  • The developers need to know about implementing inheritance in the code as Node.js development works on the principle of inheritance. 
  • Many developers are not much familiar with the reusability of code which can be a drawback for the project development. 

Chronology To hire Node JS developers

Define the Requirements 

It is important to draft the requirements list for the project before you think of hiring a developer. This helps you understand the scope of your business in the short-term and long-term.

Select the Hiring Type you want

Once you have defined the requirements it is important to decide whether you want In-house, outsource, or freelancers to handle your project. 

Connect with the developers and Company

Filter out the list of companies or freelancers that you think are fit for your project. Jot them according to the requirements they match as it is better to have options while shortlisting.

Discuss the timelines

Once you have finalized the developers or company discuss the timelines and give them deadlines to complete their tasks. This helps in getting your deliverables on time and checking the progress regularly. 

Things you should be aware of the Node JS development:

Roles of Node.js developers

Building a project needs more than just the knowledge of the language. It acquired dedication and attention on tasks like:

  • Handling data streaming applications
  • Working on server-side proxy 
  • Improving the infrastructure regularly
  • Making the back-end services user-friendly
  • Knowledge about Big data analytics, wireless connectivity, and more based on project requirements

Skills expected from a Junior level Node.js developer are:

  • Basic Knowledge of Node.js
  • Aware of JavaScript
  • Knowledge of Node.js framework 
  • Should be familiar with relational and non-relational database

Skills of Senior Experts of Node.js:

  • Experience oh handling projects
  • Architectural patterns 
  • Performance optimization 
  • Micro-services architecture

When it comes to custom development in the IT market people are always confused between various options available. Let us look at some pros and cons of each of them:


This seems a great option when you have limited resources and budget. They work themselves so there will be experienced, fresher, good charges, and their reviews. This is a great option when you have small scale goals or some minor requirements in your existing projects. 


  • They may be budget-friendly 
  • You can hire a wide range of specialists


  • They might compromise with your deadlines
  • You might get in contact with some frauds 
  • No guaranty of services for long-term
  • Management might be complicated 

In-House Developers 

They will work from your office and would be great for delivering projects. These developers are great at providing support, updates, and maintain them whenever required. Although it gives you control over every member it is also the most expensive option. As it requires monthly wages, working space, rent payments, and any unexpected costs. 


  • Easily monitor the developers
  • Control over the development process 
  • Communication won’t be an issue
  • A great option for long-term projects


  • Shortlisting the potential developers
  • Monthly payments regardless of the actual output
  • Additional Expenses
  • Workspace rents and taxes 
  • Hardware and software expenses 

Outsourcing to the Companies

Plan to outsource your project to a Node JS Development Company which works for small scale and large scale projects. This might cost you lower than the usual cost of Node.js development done by the in-house developers. The Outsourcing Company will have required hardware and software resources all you need to do is describe your requirements. 


  • Less production cost
  • No additional or hidden costs
  • Easily communicate with the manager for updates 
  • Experienced team and quality work


  • There might be some language barrier
  • The difference in time zones can affect deliverables


It is a great challenge to hire Node JS developers or a development company that can match your expectations within affordable budgets. We have tried to give you a gist of things that people research before hiring developers. It is always great to check skills and experience in the IT market to get the best ones for you.