Pilonidal Sinus

6 Warning Complications of Untreated Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal sinus is a health problem in which a tunnel under the skin surface forms in the cleavage of the buttocks. The sinus often tends to get filled with pus or watery discharge. Wherein, on

Pilonidal sinus is a health problem in which a tunnel under the skin surface forms in the cleavage of the buttocks. The sinus often tends to get filled with pus or watery discharge. Wherein, on the upper surface, develops a fully grown cyst that contains dirt, dead skin, and hair follicles. 

In the initial few weeks, the condition can be asymptomatic or cause very mild symptoms. But taking those early symptoms as negligible and constantly ignoring them can cause greater troubles. Pilonidal sinus tends to get severe with time. Thus, the pain and discomforts become unbearable when left untreated. In addition to this, the risks for other complications also increase manifold for untreated pilonidal sinus.

Let’s get an insight on the warning complications of pilonidal sinus

Aggravation of the symptoms- If the pilonidal sinus is left unattended, it tends to grow worse with time. As the condition becomes severe, the pain, soreness, inflammation and discomfort also start to aggravate. The patient may find it difficult to walk or sit without having to endure intense pain and this may add up a lot to the existing problems.

Chronic or recurring cysts- The condition of the pilonidal sinus has a very high recurrence rate. Therefore, if permanent treatment is not done, the patients may have to endure the pesky symptoms of pilonidal sinus time and again. This can be quite inconvenient and the condition can become more severe every time it returns.

Abscess formation- The pilonidal sinus is an easy target for microbes to attack. In the absence of proper hygiene practices, bacteria can thrive in the area and this can lead to infections in the pilonidal cyst. This can cause an abscess to form and this may be indicated by the presence of a foul-smelling pus discharge from the cyst.

More than one sinus cavities- When the infection turns severe with time, multiple sinuses can develop under the skin. Such a condition can be extremely painful. There can be excessive drainage from the sinus cavities that is bad enough to add up to the frustration. 

Systemic Infection- If infected pilonidal cysts are not treated in time, the infection can become severe and even spread to other parts of the body. It can travel through the bloodstream and cause infection throughout the body (systemic infection). Although sepsis and systemic infections due to pilonidal sinus are not that common, young people are more prone to these.

Skin cancer is rare cases- Chronic, severe and untreated cases of pilonidals sinus increase the risk of skin cancer in some patients. The specific type of skin cancer is called squamous cell carcinoma and can be a recurrent condition.

These warning complications might have scared you. But do not get too swayed by it, it is possible to prevent these complications from arising in the first place. The answer is simple, timely treatment and care without ignoring the symptoms.

One can avoid the aforementioned unpleasant complications by undergoing the permanent treatment of pilonidal sinus. Nowadays, most of the doctors prefer modern laser treatment for pilonidals sinus.

All you need to know about the laser treatment

Pilonidal sinus laser surgery is a high precision advanced procedure that uses laser energy to not only drain the pilonidal cyst but also heal the sinus tract. Therefore, laser treatment helps the patient get rid of pilonidal sinus once and for all. 

In addition to providing permanent relief, laser treatment has a number of other advantages as well. Some of these advantages are:

  • Provides fast relief from pilonidals sinus without inflicting any pain at all
  • No major incisions are made and no long term wounds are left behind
  • Quick procedure with a short stay in the hospital
  • No risk of complications post-surgery
  • Offers a speedy and safe recovery
  • Has a success rate as high as 100%

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The Bottom Line

Pilonidal sinus is a condition that can disturb a person’s life and become a matter of great worries. Since the condition is also very common and has a high tendency of recurring, it becomes even more of a concern. Therefore, it is very important to get medical attention so that any complications can be avoided. Proper treatment along with hygiene measures is the key to save you from the plight of pilonidal sinus.