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In-House Advertising: How to Build a Digital Ad and Marketing Team

Your in-house advertising team is the heart and soul of your Marketing Team company when it comes to outreach and improving lines of communication between yourself and your target customer. Without a brilliant team of

Your in-house advertising team is the heart and soul of your Marketing Team company when it comes to outreach and improving lines of communication between yourself and your target customer. Without a brilliant team of experts propelling your companies forward, it can be hard to achieve the goals you’ve set when it comes to digital advertising.

If you’re in the throws of starting a new business or have already begun business, you need to know what it takes to build strong digital marketing and advertising team. Trust us; you’re not going to want to miss any of the tips we offer below because it’s going to help you build the dream team you’ve been looking for.

What Are Your Goals?

Before you move forward with adding people to your team, the first thing you need to do is identify your company’s goals. Knowing what goals you’ve set ahead of time will ensure you find people with the knowledge and skillset to help the company achieve these goals.

The goals you set for your marketing team should coincide with the main business goals that have been set. Each department in your company should have the same goals, but their own processes and procedures to help the company accomplish these goals.

Find Multi-Skilled Talent

Instead of hiring a large group of individuals, we recommend that you take the time to find talent that is skilled in multiple disciplines. It helps to reduce the amount of money you spend paying each employee and means that your team will be well-rounded and able to help each other when the time comes.

Depending on the type of organization you’re running, your team will need specific skills to aid in daily operations. With people that specialize in multiple areas, you can ensure you’ve got the necessary coverage in each area.

Research Channels Before Making Your Choices

Knowing what channels you want your marketing department to use will also aid in creating your superstar team. We recommend that you take some time to collect data about your target market and which channels they respond to the most too.

Why do the marketing channels matter when it comes to developing a digital marketing team, you might be wondering? Not everyone knows how to use every marketing channel. For example, you may have hired someone skilled in the art of email marketing campaigns. But they don’t know anything about pay-per-click campaigns.

This leaves you with a hole in the team that would need to be filled. This causes a halt in business production until the employee learns about PPC or the company finds someone who knows what they’re doing. Again, this can be linked to finding talented and knowledgeable people.

Choose Culture

Sometimes, someone’s skill is no match for the level of culture a person brings to your company. Hiring people with varying cultural views can bring innovation to your team that you’ve never had before.

Someone that has tremendous skill might exhibit an attitude that doesn’t work well within your company vision. And this is why you must add people to the team that will mesh well with your company atmosphere.

Talk Analytics During the Interview

Everything that a marketing and advertising team does is focused on analytical metrics collected from the various campaigns being run. When you’re conducting the interview process, take the time to ask applicants a series of data-focused questions.

You need to know how they will respond in situations and, if an issue arises, what steps they would take to correct the issue. If you ask a question and the applicant has no idea what you’re talking about, it’s likely they would only become overwhelmed once left to analyze the data on their own.

For example, if your company is having an issue with the software and hardware they’re implementing within a new data system, the candidate would need to identify the issue. And make a suggestion to help rectify the problem.

If they don’t know how to do that, it could leave a specific project at a standstill. We recommend that you see more here to ensure that your company has the right type of laptops.

They will help you continue to conduct important data reports needed in your business’s marketing sector.

Find People That Are Go-Getters

Your team shouldn’t sit back and wait for the trends to come to them. They need to be a team of people that seek to be the trendsetters in your niche marketing.

When creating your marketing team, look for people that exhibit hunger and want to do more and continue pushing the company forward. In the marketing world, things evolve quickly.

Therefore it’s more beneficial to your company if you’ve hired people that do their best to remain multiple steps ahead.

How to Find Your Team?

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to look for in your digital marketers, you need to know where and how to find them. While a significant number of people can be found the old-fashioned way by posting a job on a job board and waiting for applications to pour in, there is a way to get a larger number of applicants.

The first thing you can do is post about your company’s job openings on your social media accounts. This will attract the attention of potential talent worldwide and help you create team diversity in the process.

Another way that you can find your team is to ask for referrals from a trusted source. This trusted source should be none other than the people that are already employed with the company.

As an added incentive to provide you with quality candidates, you could offer a bonus to those who find people with the qualifications to join the rest of the team. Finding the top candidates in your field will help you stay on top of other competitive brands in your area.

To do this, you’ll want to post listings for your job openings in places like LinkedIn. This ensures that you’ve also got access to candidates that are going to help your business soar to the top. Lastly, frequent the places that your potential talent would frequent.

Spend time engaging with them and discussing a possible job opportunity.

What Positions Should You Look For?

There are several marketing and advertising positions that you might fill. Of course, the positions you’re looking for will depend on your company’s size and the needs you have. No matter the size or company needs, one position that you need is a project manager or project coordinator.

This person will ensure that your team remains on track to complete a project and that any kinks in the plan are resolved without delay. They will be the point of contact for team members leaving you free to focus on other aspects of running the business.

Another position that is a must-have is the SEO specialist position. 80% of the searches that consumers conduct on the internet lead to them making a purchase. But if your company doesn’t show up in their search engine, it could mean that you’re missing out on sales.

An SEO specialist will take the time to ensure every piece of content rolled out by your company is properly optimized. This means everything from titles and meta descriptions to images and hashtags. Properly using SEO strategy in your content will also ensure that your GOOGLE ranking improves over time.

An email marketing specialist will ensure that all newsletters emailed to your target audience draws them in and persuades them to make a purchase. Consumers are all about a personalized digital experience.

Using email marketing is one way to push personalization and help customers feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Creating an In-House Advertising Team 101

When creating an in-house advertising team, there are several things you need to do to ensure that you find the right people for the job. We recommend taking the time to ask data-driven questions during the interview. And choosing multi-skilled people versus only being skilled in one specific area.

Taking the time to follow our comprehensive guide will help you get the team that your company needs. We hope this post provided the information you’re looking for. If it did, don’t hesitate to scroll through some of the other posts featured in this section.

You never know what else you’ll find that can be used for your business needs.