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Who is Jedediah Bila? Jedediah Bila is Born on 29 January 1979 in Brooklyn, New York City USA. She is an Emmy Award-nominated TV host, journalist, and writer. She is well-known for her work with

Who is Jedediah Bila?

Jedediah Bila is Born on 29 January 1979 in Brooklyn, New York City USA. She is an Emmy Award-nominated TV host, journalist, and writer. She is well-known for her work with the ABC network as a cohost of “The View” and contributing to shows such as “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, “The Five”, and “Fox and Friends”. You want to learn more about the award-winning TV show host from her early days through her current career ventures and more information about her personal life. Stay with us, we’ll share all there is to learn about Jedediah Bila.

Jedidiah Bila Wiki – Childhood, Parents and Education

Jedediah grew up on Staten Island. She was encouraged from a young age to think for herself and choose what is best for her. Her parents supported her choices and didn’t want to dictate her opinions. Jedediah graduated as valedictorian from Wagner College in 2000. She earned a BA in Spanish Literature and later a MA in Spanish Literature at Columbia University.

Jedediah Bila

A renowned teacher

Jedediah was a teacher before she became a TV host. Jedediah was a teacher in New York. She taught creative writing to middle school and high school students and college students. Birch Wathen Lenox on the Upper East Side was her school as a teacher, student adviser, and academic dean.

Fox News and Television Career

Jedediah first became known by a talk-show host in 2009. In 2009, Sean Hannity noticed her review of “Liberty and Tyranny” and invited her to appear on the “Hannity”, “Red Eye” and other shows. In 2013, she was officially made a Fox News host. She was promoted to co-host and panelist on “Outnumbered” in mid-2014. Later, Jedediah began appearing on other shows like “Fox & Friends”.

Jedediah Bila

Working for ABC and Continual Success

Many networks began to fight for Jedediah’s services after she officially joined Fox. In 2016, ABC made her permanent co-host on “The View,” making her the network’s 20th season’s regular co-host. Among others, Hilary Clinton, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Donald Rumsfeld were among her guests. In September 2017, she resigned from her role as co-host on “The View”. Since then, she has been working on shows like “Abby Tells All”, “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “The Five”, in addition to her work on Sirius XM.

A Highly Accomplished Author

Jedediah Bila,

Jedediah is not only known for her television work but she has been also recognized for her writing talents. Her first book, “Outnumbered” (Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative), was published in 2011. It covered her experiences as a conservative living in Manhattan and teaching during the 2008 presidential election. Her column has appeared online at and Human Events.

Jedediah Bila Salary and Net Worth

Jedediah has been a prominent television star, but her fame is not just due to her TV career, but also because of her impressive net worth. Have you ever wondered how wealthy Jedediah Bila was as of mid-2018? According to reliable sources, Bila’s net worth has been estimated at $1.5 million. Her current annual income is $200,000. If she continues to pursue her career, it is likely that her wealth will rise in the near future.

Jedediah Bila Fiancee – Wedding, Husband and Children

Jedediah Bila,

How do you know Jedediah’s personal history? In February 2018, she married Jeremy Scher (a corporate strategist and Rice University graduate). The marriage ceremony was attended by only 60 people and took place in Huntington, New York. They don’t have any children. Jedediah resides in Manhattan and is devoted to her career.

Jedediah Bila Internet Popularity

Jedediah has been a popular social media user over the years, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. However, she is also active via Instagram. Jedediah’s official Twitter account has more than 250,000 followers. She has shared with them her latest career achievements, including her appearance on “The View.” Jedediah can also be found on Facebook, where she has over 120,000 followers. She has also shared her latest accomplishments with them, including the release of her new book, “Do Not Disturb”: How I ghosted my cell phone to take back my life. Jedediah has over 74,000 followers on Instagram. A number of Jedidiah videos can be viewed on her page. These include her working and leisure time, skydiving.

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