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Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p (Free Download)

It is no secret that Indian cinema has been proudly borrowing ideas and techniques from other cinemas. There have been almost no official remakes of Bollywood movies. Indian directors and scriptwriters take the Hollywood movie and make

It is no secret that Indian cinema has been proudly borrowing ideas and techniques from other cinemas. There have been almost no official remakes of Bollywood movies. Indian directors and scriptwriters take the Hollywood movie and make it their own. This week, it was announced that the Indian cable channel would host the premiere of the Rodina TV Series’ official remake on November 7. We decided to look back at the most notable “alterations” to Bollywood that have been successful in reaching their viewers. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p.

Bollywood has not made any official remakes of Hollywood movies. Instead, producers are inspired by blockbuster American films and order a script. The audience then quickly guesses its base.

Best full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p


Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

The robot is described by reviewers as a cyberpunk operetta, borrowing a lot from The Terminator. These similarities are obvious: Robot’s protagonist, Chitty the android, is a complete murderer who lacks emotions.

He is able to use any weapon. He can manage all kinds of transport and can even flip through a book. It is waterproof, fireproof, can fight, and can sing and dance. One day, an inventor who was charged with modernizing Chitty decides that it might be possible to teach a robot how to feel.

Crime Novel

CBI Rita Oberoi, a young investigator, meets AmanVerma (nicknamed the Professor) during a dangerous investigation. Haman assists her in tracking down a madman – a murderer. The girl couldn’t have imagined that she would meet Aman before. It was possible for her to fall in love with a criminal from first sight.

The Professor, unlike the Lecturer in this image, does not possess a weakness for meat. It turns out that Haman was wrongfully convicted. The gangster is killed after he went on a mission together with Rita.

Scorpio (Bichhoo)

“Scorpio,” the film, is very similar to the plot of the cult drama written by Luc Besson. She is in desperate need of shelter and knocks on the door to find refuge. Jiva, a professional murderer, lives nearby. After learning his story, the girl asked Jiva to teach her how to murder in order to revenge on her family. It would appear so – a line-by-line retelling of “Leon” but Kiran Bali is 22 years old and not Matilda. The killer does not actually die in the end.

Bollywood movies download 1080p.

The Indian version was released eleven years later. The story’s essence is the same. Six bandits gathered to commit the perfect crime. But one turned out to have been a traitor and things turned out not as they had expected.


Al Pacino starred in Scarface in the United States. There are two Bollywood versions of the film. The first was released in 1990 and the second in 2012. Priyanka Chopra, once a rising star in Bollywood cinema and now a global star, played one of the major roles in “Path of Fire.” ).

The story of Vijay is about a young man whose life is in peril after his father, a villain, and drug dealer kills him. Vijay must leave Mumbai to meet his mother, his pregnant wife, and return to his village to clear his father’s name.


Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

This tape was inspired by Christopher Nolan’s thriller “Remember”. Sanjay Singhania is the protagonist. Kalpana, Kalpana, is a successful entrepreneur. Their acquaintance was almost impossible.

But fate had other plans. Love was born. Kalpana and Gadzhini were in conflict. Sanjay was trying to save his beloved when he was severely injured. He can only recall the last 15 minutes of what happened. He decides to exact revenge on Ghajini and does everything to make sure he doesn’t forget what happened.

Full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p: Chachi 420

The Indian film Aunt 420 was based on the comedy Mrs. Doubtfire starring Robin Williams. It was released in 1997. The story of Jaipraksha the choreographer is about his divorce from his wife and the birth of the millionaire’s daughter tells the story. He was granted permission to see his daughter once per week. The main character couldn’t bear the separation. The main character was unable to bear the separation so she disguised herself as a woman and took a job as a babysitter for a girl.


Bollywood releases the film two years after Nine Yards’ Hollywood premiere. Love Has No Price is their version of the film. The story centers on a dentist who recognizes a dangerous gangster among his new neighbor. After speaking with his wife, he decides to go to India with his father-in-law for a substantial reward.

Promised to the one who reports the location of the criminal. True, the main character is caught up in a difficult situation with stolen diamonds… Trailer for the film “Love Has.”

Fool in final

Indians invaded British Guy Ritchie’s crime comedy, “Big Score” in 2007. It fell into Raja, a hapless thief. The antique shop owner Chobi and Tina, his beautiful niece.

Bollywood movies download 1080p: Koi Mil Gaya.

This picture was inspired by Steven Spielberg’s 1982 film “Alien”. His version was released by Bollywood in 2003. He creates a computer and sends it out into space. This message results in the appearance of an alien ship high above Earth. These events were not celebrated by Sanjay.

Shortly before the arrival of aliens, he is killed in a car accident. His mentally disabled son Rohit decides to start his own business. He is working with Nisha, his friend, to adjust the computer’s work.



According to the filmmakers, the inspiration for their script came from Hollywood blockbusters like Fast and Furious and Ocean’s 11, a crime comedy. Jai Dixit is a police officer and cannot imagine his life not working. A case involving high-class robbers riding around on super-fast bikes is assigned to him. Jai chases them and the racers challenge him.

Sarkar: Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

In the Footsteps of the Father”, a 2003 film by Bollywood directors, was released in India. Experts found many references to the classic film “The Godfather” (Francis Ford Coppola) in the film. The Indian mafia SubshahNagre is at the center of the plot.

Who is trying to keep order in the territory he controls? However, he is in open conflict with Arab criminals who have not been granted permission to operate within his territory.

My name is Khan

This touching story is about Rizwan Khan, a Hindu Muslim. It was so intense that it caused chills and a lump in his throat. Asperger’s syndrome is what he has. He finds social interaction to be torture. He falls in love with Mandira and does everything to get reciprocity. He embarks on an amazing journey across America after their relationship ends.

Because of the similarities in the plot and the characters of the main characters. The painting by Karan Drokhar is vibrant and raises important socio-political issues of our times.

Lunch box

Unconventional Indian cinema. A retired accountant starts a correspondence. Correspondence via lunchboxes The film won several national awards despite its simple plot. The Audience Award was also awarded at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Brother Bajrangi

This film inspires faith and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The story tells the story of a poor Pakistani girl who ends up in India. Bajrangi took the poor man home even though he was fluent in English. It was not an easy task and they faced many challenges in hostile countries. The result is dynamic and well-acted.

idiots: Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p


This film is about friendship and how it’s important to not cheat yourself. It also teaches you how to follow your dreams. Two college friends set out to find a third friend, who they first met at college. Parallel to the journey around the country, there’s also a journey through the memories.

It was full of Bollywood’s best songs, dances, and hyperbolism. The film still inspires.


The film was directed by Rajkumar Hirani, who also directed “3 Idiots”. It has a very similar style. Aamir Khan was the actor who played the primary role. It’s now a sci-fi comedy.

Alien PiKey arrives on Earth to study the life of our planet. He surprises everyone with his childlike spontaneity and asks uncomfortable questions. Primarily, terrorist attacks.

Stars on the ground

Aamir Khan was the lead role in this motion picture and also served as director and producer. This is the story of eight-year-old Ishan Avasti who is clearly behind his peers in terms of development. The boy’s father sends him to boarding school. Without Ram Nikon, he would have been undoubtedly dead. This film is filled with light and kindness, which allows you to learn a lot about self-expression, upbringing, and mercy.

Best full HD Bollywood movies download 1080p: Dangal.

Aamir Khan also did some great production and acting work. He was the real-life Olympic athlete Mahavir Singh Phogat. He hoped to have a son, but he was blessed with four daughters. He was almost defeated when he saw how vibrant his daughters were. They didn’t give up and beat even the local hooligans. Phogat began training his daughters, and they became champions!

The film has collected several national awards and became the Indian and Chinese box office leader in 2017.


Director Anurag Basu shared the love story between the deaf-mute boy Barfi and Shruti. They fell in love together with great passion. However, the public sees a bizarre couple as having no right to the future.

The film has been accused of copy-pasting scenes and plots from Hollywood melodramas. People continue to admire the film’s kindness and sensuality.

Will you come tomorrow or not.

The fate of Nina Kapoor, a 23-year-old girl, is at the center of the plot. The young girl is beautiful and very unhappy. Understanding the girl’s life is made easier by the presence of Rohit and Aman, who are both cheerful and happy. No matter what, you need to be happy and live. It is impossible to predict when tomorrow will arrive. The film is philosophical and doesn’t leave anyone behind, even those who can’t stand melodrama.

Once upon a time in Delhi: Full HD Bollywood Movies Download 1080p

Without the amazing Indian flavor, it would be “Hangover in Vegas”. You will not stop watching the acting, dynamics, and music. Every absurdity in the plot leads to another absurdity that eventually leads to a happy end.

You will enjoy the absurd theatre and want to get your dose of endorphins by immersing yourself in noisy, unwashed Delhi. This HD Bollywood movie is available for download in 1080p. Orange juice is not recommended!