Dragon City is an amazing simulator that completely immerses players in the realm filled with dragons, magic, and fire. The players can create their own town with large lizards that live in the same space as

Dragon City is an amazing simulator that completely immerses players in the realm filled with dragons, magic, and fire. The players can create their own town with large lizards that live in the same space as regular humans. Make sure your pets are taken care of and fed, then raise them from egg to adult. It is actually the future of your army that will aid you in defeating other players. This game is sure to appeal to anyone who is a fan of dragons, as more than a thousand players are waiting to play. In case you are a fan of collecting games you can get My Singing Monsters and Teamfight Tactics.


DeveloperSocial point
Size130 Mb
MOD Info– Money/Gems
– One-Hit Kill
– Always your Turn
– No Ads
Requires Android4.1+


Find out the most important aspects that makeup Dragon City from our in-depth review


Dragon City’s gameplay Dragon City has many analogs with contemporary strategies that draw upon the MMORPG genre. At first, you are granted access to a small town with a few buildings and an altar to expand your dragons. Your goal is to slowly increase the city’s size, improve your level, and build more lizards as well and make improvements. In all cases, you will require resources to accomplish this. You can earn by completing missions and fighting against other players, or receiving daily prizes. Based on the plot it is not a game that will have a conclusion. Thus, you can build your city and your heroes to the limit of infinity. As each level is completed new kinds of buildings are available to players, and thrilling events. The faster you progress your building, the more engaging the gameplay gets.


Dragon City offers a vast range of dragons each with its own features that will make even adults smile. Dragon City has more than 1000 unique characters to discover. Each character is distinct. For instance, Football Dragon – just enjoys playing football. It’s not without references to popular culture, for instance – Iron Dragon, which is an Easter egg of Tony Stark, a comic book superhero. Dragons of all kinds are unique and each one has its particular element. The level system lets you improve your character in a complete way. Breed and keep the populace. Combining different elements, you can create an extraordinary and unstoppable. Scream into a fresh, thrilling world!


Dragon City allows you to form squads and sign up warriors in the battle against the other gamers online. In battle, you need to rely on yourself, since only you will be able to choose the weapon for the next attack. Effectively formulate a strategy and prepare for the fight. Be aware of the presence of creatures with high levels within the team. Research the enemy in-depth and target your attacks to the weak spots.


The game is a masterpiece with stunning graphics, intricate 3D models, and smooth animation. Each character is flawlessly created. Despite their many characters they all have distinctive features. The sound quality in Dragon City is also of the highest quality. It’s very high-quality and clear. The dragons are funny with different voices.


We present to you Dragon City mod for unlimited gems and money. It will be beneficial to you while playing since these resources are constantly available but in short supply. The limited amount of games and cash reduces the growth of cities and the appearance of dragons. Now, however, you are able to put aside these problems. We also give you mod menus, that include numerous options, including one-hit kill, never your urn option, and no advertisements.


Following the initial launch, you will receive an unlimitable amount of money and gems in your account. There aren’t any further steps to access these resources. Follow our steps on how to set up the Mod correctly.

You can buy a variety of skins to differentiate your dragons from others. You can also unlock skins after completing other activities. Dragon City dynamics relies heavily on the storyline that includes numerous quests and PVE-related tasks. In this game, you will truly be a part of the adventure with your dragons. After achieving a certain point that you have reached, you are able to unlock more features and gain access to special places and events. The most significant aspect is the possibility of fighting opponents in PVP arenas.

The winged creatures of all kinds differ in the same class: fire earth, electricity, and so on. Certain creatures are blessed with a great deal of health, some have an impressive punch, and others can evade attacks. There is a special category of mythical creatures with exceptional combat skills. Be aware of these characteristics prior to fighting and selecting dragons.


Dragon City combines the best strategies and actions. The amazing creatures, the ability to create hybrids, and battle against players from all over the world have made Dragon City an extremely popular game. This is a game where players have an option to play in both PVP and PVE modes.


We’ve made sure that everything is made to simplify the downloading for all visitors on our website. If you do download modified or hacked apps from third-party sources for the first time, then the following guidelines might be helpful to you:

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  4. After the game installation is completed It is then accessible for play!

Do not forget to uninstall the previous version of Dragon City before installing our modified version to avoid problems during the installation process.