SMS marketing

Top SMS marketing tips you have to try in 2022

Due to the eruption of mobile devices, people are more prone to consuming more time than before. This is why you must understand the various SMS marketing strategies that will help keep your business flourishing.

Due to the eruption of mobile devices, people are more prone to consuming more time than before. This is why you must understand the various SMS marketing strategies that will help keep your business flourishing.

Since customer behavior changes constantly, businesses need to update their marketing strategies every time they encounter a new issue.

Meaning of SMS Marketing

Short Message Service or SMS is a service that can be commonly used to send and receive text messages. It is confusing to some people, especially since it sends marketing messages that are only sent to the individuals who have agreed to receive them.

Send and receive text marketing is a great way to reach out to customers 24/7 and maintain a relationship with them.

Best SMS Marketing tips

. Get Approval

Before sending a text, ask for permission. It’s important to avoid sending spam and bombarding the recipient’s inbox if they don’t want to receive it.

You can create a shortcode or a specific keyword that will allow the recipient to opt-in to receiving text messages.

Show the recipient that they should only receive texts that they need to hear about. Also, specify the number of readers they should accept each day because if you send out more than the recipient wants, you’re just wasting their time and damaging your business.

. Keeping texts simple, fun, and short

A well-written and straightforward text message are more effective than a long and boring one. Having a CTA (call to action) link/button is essential to communicate with your customers effectively.

One sentence is enough to attract attention. It should also be short and avoid unnecessary phrases or abbreviations; no matter how much you try, avoid making mistakes in text marketing. It’s not the place to ignore your shortcomings. It’s also not worth it if you can’t deliver what you want.

Instead of text, you can also consider creating interactive and fun texts that can be used for various purposes.

. Timing

Contrary to popular belief, text messaging is not restricted from time to when customers have given their permission. It’s about timing and immediacy; imagine that you are fully rested and want to get back to relaxing. That’s when you hear a vibrating massage.

The greatest time to send a text message is between 10 am and 8 pm. However, it can vary depending on the type of message that you want to send.

. Offer benefits to customers

If people allow you to text about your business, you should be offering something in return.

Steal their attention by offering something special, such as a discount code, an exclusive sale, or a promotion.


Send relevant SMS to groups by grouping them into categories. For instance, a thank-you text to a subscriber who signed up for a discount is sent to a regular.

You should never approach a customer the same way as a new visitor. This is because it shows that you care about their loyalty and not just about their new purchase. Offering a discount to a loyal customer or early access to a new product is not adequate for reaching out to a new customer.

. Knowing your customers

It is an essential point that any business owner should know about their customers. Understanding their buying history and interests can help you send the right message to the right customer.

With the help of Salesforce, you can easily track and communicate with your customers. Many tools can help you do this, such as Engage, Sendtal, and Feedback.


Omnichannel marketing allows businesses to reach out to their customers wherever they are and interact seamlessly with them through various devices.

Mobile users expect a consistent and seamless experience when they interact with businesses in today’s world. To deliver this, mobile app marketers need to create a consistent and engaging experience when they send a text message.

. Add disclaimer

It means that all text marketers must include the terms msg and data rates when customers opt-in. Only the subscribers will receive this information once. It’s essential to check if it is there to prevent complaints.

. Advocate opt-in

Even if you don’t believe in the power of social media, it’s still worth it to use it if you want to get people to opt-in or to receive text messages.

For instance, if you have a Facebook profile, you can add an opt-in button to your messages. It will direct people to sign in to your campaign.