Refrigerator repair

What To Choose When Refrigerator repair: Repair Or Replace?

Buying a refrigerator is a costly option. People wait and save money for months or even years, just to get a good deal. Buying a refrigerator is not always the best option. When you are

Buying a refrigerator is a costly option. People wait and save money for months or even years, just to get a good deal. Buying a refrigerator is not always the best option. When you are facing problems in your refrigerator, you should analyze whether there are any chances of repair or not. You can opt for refrigerator repair services that will repair perfectly if it’s possible. Otherwise, they will tell you to replace it. 

The specific decision is to depend on various aspects of a refrigerator such as the extent of damage as well as the type and age of the refrigerator. Here are some of the important details that will help you to decide whether you should repair or replace your refrigerator. 

Factors To Consider Select Repair Or Replace

Here are given some of the integral factors that you should essentially consider before opting for repair services. 

  • Age Of Refrigerator

The lifespan of the refrigerator varies depending on its types. In most of the cases, the fridge lasts for about 13 years. Some of the single door units can even last up to 20 years. But, the average lifespan is considered to be between 14 to 17 years. 

In this regard, you also need to consider some other factors like how well it is taken care of and its construction. If you are not sure about whether to repair or replace your refrigerator, one of the important things that you should keep in your mind is the refrigerator age. 

You will see that the repair cost will be greater if your refrigerator is old. In case your fridge is older than 10 years, you will find that the cost of repair is much more rather than buying a new one. In case you are having a refrigerator for less than 10 years, it will be the best option to go for professional refrigerator repair services. 

  • Type Of Refrigerator

The type of refrigerator is another important thing to consider if you are finding difficulty to decide whether to repair or replace your appliance. This is specifically because some kinds of fridges are more costly as well as difficult to repair than the others. 

Talking about the built-in refrigerators, these are considered to be worth repairing. Not only that, but they also do not cost much to refrigerator repair and have a longer lifespan. You should repair the top-freezer refrigerator within 3 years. 

On the other hand, you should consider repairing your bottom-freezer refrigerator within 7 years whereas it is ideal to repair your side-by-side refrigerators within 5 years. 

Before you consider repair or replacement, you should always check whether it has a warranty or extended service or not. If you have a refrigerator with a warranty, you can get it repaired or replaced for free. But, if it is more than 10 years old, you do not have a warranty for this anymore. 

  • Energy Efficiency

In case your refrigerator was manufactured before 1992, you are probably suffering from high energy bills problems. In the year 1992, Energy Star started to rate refrigerators to identify as well as promote energy-efficient products and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas. 

A refrigerator older than 10 years consumes twice the amount of bill which tends to increase your utility bills and also waste power. Not only that, but it is also considered very bad for the environment. So, if your fridge is older than 10 years, you can go for the replacement. Otherwise, repair services will help to resolve the issue. 

  • Damage Extent

You should also consider the extent of your refrigerator damage before you make a decision. If you are unable to find this, you can always opt for expert help who will do this for you. Regardless of the problem, you should consult a refrigerator repair professional who will let you know about any damages before you choose to buy one. 


So, these are some of the important factors that you need to take into account before you make any decision. If you feel that repair services are sufficient, call an expert refrigerator repair technician who will resolve the issue for you.