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Who is Kasie Hunt Kasie Hunt, an American political correspondent, is best known for hosting NBC’s ‘Kasie DC’ show on MSNBC. She also covers the US Congress’ across all NBC and MSNBC news platforms. Kasie was

Who is Kasie Hunt

Kasie Hunt, an American political correspondent, is best known for hosting NBC’s ‘Kasie DC’ show on MSNBC. She also covers the US Congress’ across all NBC and MSNBC news platforms. Kasie was born and raised in Wayne (PA) and graduated from Conestoga High School. She then set her sights on becoming a journalist. She has complete her study at the George Washington University in international affairs. She also received a master’s in sociology at the ‘St. and she had taken a master’s degree in sociology. She eventually rose up the ladder and became a political correspondent in late 2014. Her appearances on news programs such as “Morning Joe” and “With All Due Respect” gradually gained her popularity. She began hosting her own show, “Kasie DC,” in October 2017. It airs every Sunday at 8:00 PM on ‘MSNBC.

Childhood and Early Life, Age

Kasie Hunt

Kasie Hunt was born May 24, 1985, in Wayne, Pennsylvania to Bruce and Krista. Carly was her younger sister. Her older sister Carly is now a professional golfer.

Her father was a real-estate developer (design and construction) and her mother was a yoga instructor in Easton.

Kasie graduated in 2003 from Conestoga High School in Tredyffrin, Pennsylvania. She was already committed to working in the mass media industry by that time. Soon after, she enrolled at the George Washington University to study international affairs.

After graduating, she moved to the UK to continue her studies at St. She returned to the USA and started her journalism career.

During her college years, she was very interested in foreign politics. When she was in college, the Iraq War was at its height. This was the moment she decided to become an investigative journalist.

Your Career

Kasie Hunt

After moving to New York, she began her work as an intern in the political section of NBC News. She gained a lot of experience and was then offered a job at ‘National Journal’, based in Washington, DC. She was a health policy reporter for the ‘CongressDaily.’

One of her highlights at ‘National Journal’ was a report on the ‘Affordable care Act’, also known as “Obamacare”

But her true passion was politics and she started working at ‘Politico’ in 2010. She covered the 2010 midterm election. After working for ‘Politico” for about a year, she joined ‘Associated Press’

In August 2011, she joined ‘Associated Press,’ and her highlight was her coverage of Mitt Romney’s 2012 election campaign.

In 2013, she was promoted to producer and became an off-air reporter at NBC News. She covered only the ‘US Congress’ as well as the major political events in the country. She persevered and was soon able to appear on ‘MSNBC’ as a regular political reporter. In November 2014 she made a career change by becoming a political correspondent.

Her bluntness and directness earned her a lot of popularity. She is an ‘NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent and covers the US Congress’ on all ‘NBC’ or ‘MSNBC’ platforms. She frequently appears on shows like ‘NBCNews.com, ‘Nightly News with Lester Holt’, ‘Today’ and NBCNews.com.

Kasie Hunt

Her blunt and direct exchanges with Senators John McCain and Elizabeth Warren made her a household name. She covered extensively the 2016 general election campaigns and reported on candidates like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. She was also able to interview Donald Trump on the very same day that he declared he would be running for president.

She has also appeared on shows like ‘With all due respect,’ Hardball With Chris Matthews’, and ‘Morning Joe.

She started hosting her talk show, “Kasie DC”, in October 2017. It covers all major political events in the country. Every Sunday night, the show airs in two segments.

She covered the Capitol Hill sexual harassment incident in November 2018.

Family and Personal Life

Kasie Hunt was a long-term partner of Matt Rivera, a producer at NBC News. She married Rivera on May 6, 2017. She announced her first pregnancy in March 2019. In August 2019, she will be expecting their first child.

Although she is a top-ranking political reporter in the country, she has been criticized for being biased.

She supports the #MeToo movement on various platforms.

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