Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map

Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map [Major Update]

We all know that the latest update from “is now available. Escape from Tarkov” has been released. The major updates to the game were released on June 29, 2020. This makes the game more exciting and

We all know that the latest update from “is now available. Escape from Tarkov” has been released. The major updates to the game were released on June 29, 2020. This makes the game more exciting and more fun. There are many quests to be done. Introduced in the game. It’s the most exciting and anticipated quest in the game escape from tarkov reserve map

A few bugs and errors have been fixed in order to ensure that the gaming experience is seamless. Gamers will find a lot of new features in the latest update. Reserve map tarkovMoreover, keys, loot, and extraction points are all available.

The goal is to be a good friend. growing over the country, you can find a rapid pace has been the talk of the town since its new update arrived. There are many maps to choose from, so it is important to understand the details. It can be strenuous work. We have a solution that makes it easy to get cracking escape from tarkov reserve mapAnd much more.

Let’s first learn about its features and how they work before we move on to the exciting things it has in store.

What is the Escape From Tarkov Reserve map?

The videogame’s reserve refers to the federal state reserve agency’s base. It is home to the air space control center, also known as Novinsky-2.

The reserved map includes the military base. This allows you to see a lot of the surroundings. You can also have access to an underground bunker from the same base. This map is available to players with at least 10 players and is accessible to both player scans.PMCs.

This map has a lot of loot. It includes several areas so the chances of getting more loot are higher. This will entice its users.


Things to Explore in Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map

There are many areas to loot on the map. You will find plenty of fortune depending on how many keys you have. You will also find scavs and two stationary weapons. The scavs are in reserve map tarkovScavs and other creatures will be spawned onto the new map. However, there will be many raiders who will show up to hunt the PMCs.

The reserve map’s two stationary weapons include NSV 12.7X108, a heavy machine gun. AGS-30 grenade launcher will also be present for the amalgamation.

Where and how can you find extraction points from Escape from Tarkov

Finding Extraction points

Let’s now talk about the most difficult and frustrating task of all. escape from tarkov reserve map. It’s actually figuring out where the extraction points are. You will first encounter the following in the scavs & PMCsThe armored train is located very close to the rolling stock repair and maintenance depot. It will not always be available, so you need to make sure it is there.

It will be easy to find it once the train arrives. The train honks twice just before arriving and then stands for a few moments. You will also be able to find the bunker hermetic entrance, located near military guard barracks.

This bunker hermetic entrance can be used multiple times, unlike the armored train which can only ever be used once. To open the door, you must first reach the shack southwest from the chopper.

KeysMap of Escape from Tarkov Reserve

There are many keys to choose from in the escape from tarkov reserve map. A total of number29 of keys were included in the map you can use this to unlock sections and rooms in the Reserve map tarkov

It is important to note that looting keys can be a tedious and time-consuming task. You can still find some keys in the drawers, scavs, and many other places.

It is not hard to believe that we all struggle to find the keys. If you are tired of trying and give up, don’t forget to look at the flea market to get your hands on keys.

Wrapping up Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map

There are many things you can talk about. Escape from the reserve map tarkovWe has all the information you need to know about major updates. We hope that you enjoyed reading the article and learned all the details of the update.