Cupcake Towers

5 Fun Cupcake Towers for Your Next Event

When it comes to displaying your dessert, we’ve seen the regular Cupcake Towers stand at every family gathering and special event.  However, there’s a new stand in town. Cupcake tower stands are here to take

When it comes to displaying your dessert, we’ve seen the regular Cupcake Towers stand at every family gathering and special event. 

However, there’s a new stand in town. Cupcake tower stands are here to take your dessert station to the next level. If you are serving cupcakes at your next event, you might want to consider using these stands to display your cupcake creations. 

If you’ve been thinking about a cupcake tower for your next event, there are many options to choose from. 

Keep reading to learn more about cupcake towers and get inspired for your next party. 

Why We Love Cupcake Towers 

Cupcakes are a great addition to any party or event. 

The themes and flavors are endless and your guests are not limited to just one type of cupcake. They save you the time and trouble of cutting a cake – serving up perfectly portioned cups of cake to all of your guests. This is especially helpful if you have a party full of little ones digging into dessert. 

What’s more, you can suit just about every dietary requirement with an assortment of cupcakes. You can ensure to offer gluten-free or dairy-free options for your guests.

They are also great for just about any occasion, for birthdays, baby showers, engagements, graduations, and more. 

That being said, cupcake towers are a wonderful way to display your cupcakes the way they deserve.

5 Cupcake Towers Stands for Your Next Event 

The perfect cupcake tower is guaranteed to make your cupcakes a hit. With a variety of flavors and themes, there are Cupcake Tower Stands to suit just about any occasion. 

1. The Ferris Wheel Cupcake Tower 

This cupcake tower is not only adorable to look at, it’s interactive. The Ferris wheel spins all the way around, dishing out delicious treats as it goes. 

It can hold up to eight cupcakes and makes a beautiful display. It is perfect for a circus-themed birthday party for your little one or even a baby shower. Its heavenly design is the perfect centerpiece at the dessert table and is sure to be a conversation piece at your next event. 

It is easy to assemble and it holds the cupcakes securely. It is also durable, ensuring that you will be able to use it again.

2. The Unicorn Cupcake Tower 

As far as party themes go, unicorns are all the rage! This trendy theme is so popular among children and you might be wondering why.

The unicorn’s popularity is due to the fact that it derives from a creature they already know – the horse. It combines a real animal with make-believe features like a horn, rainbow hair, and the ability to fly. This gets children’s imagination going wild. 

If you want to make your child’s next birthday a hit, you can’t go wrong with unicorn cupcake decorations. The unicorn cupcake tower is the perfect addition to your candy corner. 

It’s also not limited to children, plenty of teenagers are also obsessed with unicorns. 

3. The Spiral Cupcake Tower

If your next event is elegant and stylish, the spiral cupcake tower is a perfect choice. 

It resembles a spiral staircase but instead of stairs, there are cupcakes on display. This tower gives us some Alice in Wonderland vibes. 

Forget about your average cupcake stands. This is a fun and charming way to offer dessert to your guests, especially if they are young girls, having a lady-like affair. 

The spiral cupcake tower is also great for an engagement party or a baby shower. You can ensure that the color complements the theme of your event. 

4. The Gender Reveal Cupcake Tower

A blue and pink cupcake tower is the best cupcake decor for your gender reveal party. If your cupcakes feature pink and blue frosting, this is the cupcake stand that you want for your display! 

This tower gets straight to the point and reveals the theme of your party. If you’re looking for fun and interactive cupcake ideas, you can make the filling of your cupcakes match the gender of the baby. Although the frosting on top might be blue or pink, the filling inside will actually reveal the baby’s gender.

You will want to ensure that your guests don’t get to the dessert station before the reveal! 

5. The Five-Tiered Cupcake Tower 

This versatile cupcake tower can hold up to 100 cupcakes – that’s a lot of cupcakes! It is great for larger events where you will be serving many guests. 

The five-tiered tower is perfect for weddings, family reunions, or large special events. It is durable and flexible, holding between 80-100 cupcakes depending on their size. 

It is also a versatile tower as the layers can be removed. You can take off layers if you have an event with fewer guests, and therefore fewer cupcakes.

Additionally, this tower can also be used as a stand for other items. You can use it to display other desserts, festive decorations, and even meats and cheeses. You can even turn it into an elegant tea station. 

You are sure to get plenty of use out of your five-tiered cupcake tower. 

The Power of the Cupcake Stand Tower

Making your next event memorable is easy using beautiful cupcake tower stands. Not only are they versatile and easy to use, but there is also a cupcake tower to suit every occasion and theme. If you want to make a splash at your next event, choose a unicorn, spiral, five-tiered, or Ferris wheel cupcake tower.

Your guests are sure to rave about your cupcake display, leaving with a lasting impression from your special event. 

If you found this article helpful, be sure to keep coming back to our awesome blog for more tips and tricks for your next event.