Mia Khalifa Net Worth

Mia Khalifa Net Worth (2021) Earnings

Mia Khalifa Net Worth and Earnings Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American-born actress, Webcam Model, and social media Influencer with a net worth of $3 million, is an American sports commentator. Khalifa is a TikTok celebrity, with

Mia Khalifa Net Worth and Earnings Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American-born actress, Webcam Model, and social media Influencer with a net worth of $3 million, is an American sports commentator.

Khalifa is a TikTok celebrity, with 7.8million followers and more than 51.9 million likes.

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  • How she spends her money

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Mia’s philanthropy is my favorite thing about all this – she isn’t afraid to give and speak up – Kudos!

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Mia KhalifaA Quick Overview

  • Net worth:$3,000,000
  • Date of birth:February 10, 1993
  • GenderFemale
  • Status of a Relationship:Robert Sandberg, Engaged
  • Children:None
  • Profession:An adult actress, webcam model, sports commentator, and social media personality.
  • NationalityLebanese/ American
  • Last Updated:2021
Mia Khalifa Net Worth

Mia Khalifa Net Worth

After her start in the adult film industry, Mia Khalifa was made famous.2014… The actress ranked Top All major websites have adult stars for that year.

Despite being a well-known name in the industry…

…she was criticized in the middle east for taking part in acts prohibited in the Islamic religion.

Mia left the industry to become a social media celebrity – she has racked up a lot of followers 21.1 MillionInstagram is the only platform that has over 500,000 subscribers.

Mia makes up to$1,000,000One year of sponsored social media posts… recommending other brands as well as products.

Mia Khalifa has a net worth of a grand $3 Million USD

YearNet Worth $
2016$ 500,000
2017$ 2,000,000
2018$ 2,500,000
2019$ 3,000,000
2020$ 3,000,000

Mia Khalifa, Early Life

Mia Callista was born February 10, 1993. She grew up in Beirut Lebanon, where she attended a French private school. There, she learned English.

She was raised in a home that “Very conservative“Catholic household… Moving with her family to America2001

Lebanese-American 7-year old moved to Montgomery County, Maryland… where her school, Northwest High School, was located.

While at school, she enjoyed playing lacrosse.but…Bullied because she was “the darkest, weirdest girl there”.

Mia Khalifa Net Worth

Mia was transferred to the Military Academy, and later graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

While in college, the actress who would soon be an adult worked as a bartender/model… and was featured as a “briefcase” girl on a local Spanish TV game show. Deal or No Deal?

Mia left college to move to Miami, where she started her career as a nurse.Nude model.

She married her high school boyfriend in 2011.but…The couple split in 2014. They filed for divorce in 2016.

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Business Ventures Endorsements & Products

Perhaps you are wondering:Who is it?Mia Khalifa AndWhy?Should I be interested in?

Great question!… Let me show you…

Mia Khalifa was introduced to the adult film industry in 2014 when her husband and she posted pornographic images on a well-known Reddit page.

She entered professional pornographic filmmaking after being suggested by a passing comment.

After the release of a, the adult actress attracted a lot of attention.ControversialBangBros scene in which the actress wore a hijab, a sacred Islamic clothing.

The star was awardedDeath threats…Attracting the attention of ISIS.

This led to more than a million people viewing the video.1.5 MillionViews… Making the 22-year-old theMostSearched for performer on PornHub.

Almaza, a Lebanese brewery, released an advertisement in 2016 featuring Mia’s signature glasses and their beer… with the slogan: “We both rated 18+.”

Mia Khalifa Net Worth

2015… Pop band Timeflies released “Mia Khalifa”, a song in tribute to the star.

Mia signed a long-term contract in 2015 with WGCZ Holdings…the owners of the largest porn site XVideos.


Within 2 weeks, the actress decided to quit the film industry after only 3 months.

Mia talked about how her career impacted her relationships with her family and friends. She chose to disengage herself from “all that”.

Despite all this…

In May 2016, the actress was a webcam model. She is still ranked as the second most popular Pornhub user in 2018.

Mia didn’t receive all her film earnings… she missed out on an estimated $2,000500,000.

It is possible to think otherwise.“so…”

Since her time in the adult film industry Khalifa has made quite an impression.

Mia’s apologiesRockyShe stayed in Miami as a sports commentator and social media personality.

The star’s image is all that matters.21.1 MillionFollowers on Instagram3.3 MillionFollowers on Twitter…

…pretty impressive considering all the negativity!

Mia runs a YouTube channel, Twitch stream and sells merchandise, photoshoots and exclusive content via Patreon or Fundrow.

She hosted “Out of Bounds”, a daily sports program on Complex News… and she co-hosted “Sportsball” with Tyler Core in 2018.

Mia appeared in Ramy, an American comedy-drama series, in 2020.

Mia is a fan of fitness… and has been the subject of several advertisements, including Ammonia Sports featuring Steve Smith.

After a series of viral memes, Mia K was in the limelight…

A petition was circulated in 2016 calling for President Donald Trump’s appointment of Mia to the role of US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

After a fake tweet by a Mia impersonator went viral via TikTok, iLoveFriday released a diss track in 2018. The sound was used in more than 4 million videos.

You can find Mia Khalifa’s diss track on Amazon here.

Mia’s life has not been easy. She struggles to get over her past and still receives.Death threatsReferring to her previous work.

Mia Khalifa Investments

Mia trades on the stock exchange…


The concept seems new to the star. However, the first attempt did not go so well.

Later, she tweeted, “I’m new in the stock market, however today I saw my investment increase from $6 to $12.20 per share and before I could locate the button to trade it, it fell to $4.31 per share.”

Mia Khalifa Investments

Perhaps she will get it mastered… Better luck next time Mia!

Mia Khalifa puts a lot of effort into her appearance…$15,000To make her nose “more feminine”, she had her nose done.

Mia has also had several other surgeries, including butt and boob implant surgery…


In 2019, one of her breast implants burst after she was hit with a hockey puck.80 mph– while you watch the Stanley cup playoffs.

It took her 4 hours to replace the tooth – that’s devotion to her image, if I ever saw it!

Earnings of Mia Khalifa by Year

While Mia’s earnings per year are not known, it is believed that the star is earning.$30,000-50,000A month.

She only made a modest amount of money as an adult actor in her early years.$12,000During the three-month period she worked…Much less than people think


Her role as a webcam modeling star generated an incredible amount of revenue$1,000 per hour..

Mia makes a living$5,000A month of Twitch streaming… and she runs a YouTube channel that is worth it$8,000.

Mia also makes an income through product endorsements, social media presence, and sports commentating.OwnLine of merchandise.

Mia Khalifa Handise

Mia Khalifa launched her own streetwear line and calendar business on her website.

This collection includes graphic tees, dad hats, and more… keeping up with the latest in fashion.LatestStyles

Mia Khalifa also made her Amazon wishlist public, allowing people to purchase cooking utensils or cookbooks for her. She’ll also cook your favorite recipe and share it on social media.

It’s interesting!

Below is her wishlist!

Mia Khalifa Amazon WishlistImage ZMJ

Mia Khalifa Philanthropy

Despite all the negative things in her life…

…Mia Khalifa made generous donations and ran a variety of social campaigns.

Khalifa gave her Twitch monthly income to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in 2017. The star donatedall $5.110.30Her earnings were donated to the George H. W Bush Presidential Library Foundation.


Khalifa launched a new clothing line during COVID-19 with the slogan “Stay The Fuck Home”, to raise awareness about the pandemic.

All proceeds from the clothing line go to the World Central Kitchen, which provides meals for victims of natural disasters.

Mia is also known to be a volunteer for suicide prevention.

Congratulations Mia!

What Mia Khalifa does with her money

A net worth of$3,000,000USD. You might wonder what Mia Khalifa uses her money for?

The actress loves designer clothes… she was recently seen in an Instagram post.GucciBodysuit

Mia Khalifa can be seen wearing many trendy activewear sets – .

Surprisingly, Mia is a sports lover. She’s been seen at Capitals Hockey and West Ham Football.

Mia Khalifa House

Mia lives with her husband and two dogs in New York.

Mia uses her kitchen to prepare a variety of cooking segments.


Cars by Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is a car lover… she has a great collection of cars, including:

  • Bentley Continental GT Speed
  • Audi A8
  • BMW 5 Series
  • Ferrari California T Series

If you’re looking for a co-driver Mia, I would be happy to take them out on a spin!

Fun Financial Facts

These facts are not surprising, even though Mia Khalifa is a public figure.

  1. Khalifa earned just $12,000 in porn industry despite being the most searched Pornhub performer.
  2. Advertising brings Khalifa $500,000 in revenue… often featured on her Instagram account.
  3. Mia Khalifa signed an image protection agreement in 2017 to prevent her images being used without permission.
  4. Mia uses social media for product sales… from her clothing line to other products
  5. Khalifa didn’t enter porn for the money… she was there to boost her confidence.

Five Money Lessons from Mia Khalifa

You may be asking yourself:What can I take from a Porn star…I’m nothing like them!


There are many things that we can learn from Mia’s successes and failures.

  1. No matter what the ups or downs, stay positive and focused.
  2. Do not be tied to one thing! Explore, diversify!
  3. Engage your audience. The more you interact, the more they will contribute.
  4. Be visible… even though negative publicity can be difficult to manage.
  5. Give back… If you can give back to someone you care about, do it!