What Qualities To Look For In A Surrogate?

Surrogacy is the by-product of technological advancement, and it allows intended parents to find a gestational carrier, surrogate, of their babies. The surrogate shall keep the baby and take care of it throughout the gestational

Surrogacy is the by-product of technological advancement, and it allows intended parents to find a gestational carrier, surrogate, of their babies. The surrogate shall keep the baby and take care of it throughout the gestational period.

Why Choose Surrogacy

There are many reasons which make surrogacy a good way to get biological children. Let us see the reasons people go for surrogacy

  • Infertility comes on the top of the list. The intended parents mostly choose surrogacy as one member of the couple, or in rare cases, both are infertile and cannot have babies naturally.
  • Health issues in women such as consecutive miscarriages increase the risk factor of experiencing it again with each preceding one. In such a case, considering health issues and associated risk factors to the health of the mother or baby makes surrogacy a good option.
  • Single individuals who want to have biological children may also use surrogacy to get kids without getting married.

Criteria Of Choosing A Right Surrogate

Sometimes intended parents get so overwhelmed by finding one candidate who is willing to help. However, that is not it. It is necessary to choose the right surrogate that fulfills the criteria. This helps ensure the well-being of the baby throughout the gestational period.

 It also helps to ensure that a chosen surrogate by all means, such as health and fertility requirements, is the best gestational carrier for you through this period of time.

1.    Health History

Considering the health history of possible surrogates is the most basic criteria that all intended parents look for. This is crucial in ensuring that the surrogate is medically fit and healthy to go through surrogacy. Numerous things are considered while examining health history.

These include height, age, and previous pregnancy. It also makes sure to rule out the probability of any chronic or hereditary condition in a suspected surrogate.

2.    Body Mass Index

Gestational carriers, by all means, should be healthy and fit to carry the baby along for a specified duration. Normally a surrogate with a normal BMI is the best candidate for intended parents. It is essential because of a few reasons.

Even though the surrogate does not have a medical history but with a high BMI, many issues may arise during the gestational period, such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, and stillbirth. It is better to opt for a surrogate whose BMI lies within the normal range to keep all such associated risks to the minimum level.

3.    Lifestyle

The lifestyle and certain habits of the surrogate might influence the baby. In many cases, intended parents want a surrogate to adopt certain changes in the lifestyle, such as to take an organic diet. The cost is covered by intended parents.

Intended parents also need to ensure that the surrogate does not have any history of bad lifestyle and bad habits such as excessive drinking, smoking, and drug abuse. All these factors can make a candidate unfit for surrogacy. However, an individual may seek help from various drug treatment programs offered to deal with the problem.

4.    Age

It is another important factor to consider. Normally the surrogate’s age lies between 21-37 years. Intended parents are found desiring more young surrogates. It is important to know that gestational surrogates will only bear the child, and they do not donate eggs in the process. Hence in addition to age, other factors matter a lot.

It is observed that a young surrogate might live a busy and stressful life while a comparatively older surrogate might enjoy a calmer, relaxed, and smooth life. This might make a surrogate with middle age and relaxed lifestyle far better candidate than the young surrogate.

5.    Pregnancy History

A surrogate without any pregnancy history cannot become the right candidate for surrogacy as there is no evidence that a candidate can carry pregnancy normally. A healthy and successful pregnancy history is essential to ensure that a surrogate can safely carry a baby through the gestational period.

6.    Location

This is another important factor that intended parents must consider. Parents do wish to find a surrogate in a nearby location. Surrogacy entails frequent traveling, and hence it is important to consider the location of the surrogate. In many cases, surrogates belong to other surrogacy-friendly nations and states.

Some traveling is required to stay connected with the surrogate. You may even lookup for other ways to keep in touch with a surrogate through video calls, messages, and such means. The aim is to stay connected as intended parents hold the legal rights over the child.

7.    Relationship Status

The surrogates might vary in relationship status and may even have families of different sizes and different dynamics. Some surrogates might even be married or committed, and their partners are available to support. The point to consider is that surrogates have a support system.

If the surrogate is a single parent, she might seek support from friends and family. The surrogate must keep a happy and healthy surrounding with the loved ones who are available for help and any kind of support. A proper support system can make the gestational journey much easier and convenient for surrogate mothers.

8.    Connection

Connection is something intangible you cannot measure. It is entirely based on your intuition when you come across a surrogate, and you get positive vibes that this might be the best candidate for you. What makes you decide this?

Several gestures, behavioral patterns, and the overall personality might signal that a candidate is probably best for you. This is an important aspect to consider, and intended parents must make sure that they have someone they are comfortable with.

Take Away

Surrogate provides you with the most precious gift of life. They allow you to have children and experience parenthood. However, while looking up for the right candidates, there are many important aspects that intended parents must consider. These aspects set up the right criteria for choosing the right candidate for you.