Harbor Island

Things to do in Harbor Island, SC

Harbor Island is a vacation getaway in South Carolina and forms a network with various other islands. It is a calm destination where you can relax on the beach or explore the nature reserves. Are

Harbor Island is a vacation getaway in South Carolina and forms a network with various other islands. It is a calm destination where you can relax on the beach or explore the nature reserves.

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What are the best destinations on Harbor Island, Sc?

It’s time to have a vacation like no other. If you love the sea and ocean, you will love what’s on offer. Whether it be visiting Fripp Island or the Edisto Beach State Park, you have plenty to do. Here is our list of how you can make your stay in Harbor Island even more exciting. 

Fripp Island:

Are you looking for a perfect getaway on an isolated island? Fripp Island is the place to lay your bags down. The island features everything from nature preserves to holiday accommodation facilities. You will come across many animals on Fripp Island – deer walking around, squirrels, raccoons, pelicans, seagulls, and armadillos. The island was featured in movies like Forrest Gump and The Jungle Book. You can indulge in various sports, physical activity, and entertainment. 

Edisto Beach State Park:

Edisto Beach State Park is spread over a 1200-acre area – a culturally and biologically rich oceanfront State park. Take a stroll around the beach; you will come across souvenirs like shells, conch, and shark teeth.  The beach park also has active services for biking and hiking. You can sit around bonfires, gazing at the sunset, sipping a cup of coffee on the Palm tree blessed beach. Don’t forget to Enjoy the Live Oak campground at night.

Saint Helena Parish Chapel of Ease Ruins:

St. Helena Chapel is one of the most visited historical sites in South Carolina; it is surrounded by Spanish moss and oak trees. The chapel was built in the late 1730s; it features a burial ground, exotic plantation, and colonial-era architecture. The chapel was a site of various historical reforms and has seen violence during the American Civil War. It is housed on St. Helena Island and is frequented by visitors throughout the year.

Where to eat on Harbor Island?

Shrimp Shack:

If you are craving some fresh seafood, Shrimp Shack is a must-visit restaurant for you. The wooden tables and the outdoor picnic-style setting sum up the ambience of the place. The must-have food at Shrimp Shack is hush puppies, fried shrimps, crab cakes, and onion rings. 

Boondocks Restaurant:

Boondocks is noted for its seafood and a collection of vegan recipes – pair it with live music and nautical decorations, and you’ve got one of the best restaurants in Harbor Island. What should you order here? Some exclusive dishes you can enjoy here are fried shrimps, Frogmore stew, flounder baskets, and chorizo pasta. 

Where to stay on Harbor Island?

The Beaufort Inn:

This historically and architecturally significant hotel is situated at Port Republic Street, a 3-minute away drive away from St Helena Anglican Church and a 5-minute walk from Bay Street & The Chocolate Tree. The veranda, fireplace, porch, and heart pine floors enhance the fresh vibes. The amenities offered here are Wi-Fi, pet-friendly rooms, spa, and fitness rooms. The per-day cost ranges from $100-$150.

The Rhett House Inn:

The Rhett House is very popular in the pop-culture; well-known actors like Ben Affleck, Barbara Streisand, and Gwyneth Paltrow have stayed here. The inn is centrally located, and many tourist attractions like Henry C Chambers Waterfront Park, Wren Bistro, and The Chocolate Tree are within walking distance from the hotel. 

The services include Wi-Fi, golf, pet-friendly rooms, and fishing. The per-day room rate ranges from $175-$225 and if you book early, you may get an early bird discount too. 


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